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Playing Online Craps Guide

What is Craps?

Online Craps is an online dice games where players place their own wagers depending on what they think would be the outcome when the dice is rolled on the table. A pair of dice is used in the game. Here, players compete against each other, or the house edge. Since the traditional craps doesn’t need much any equipment, it can be played anywhere you want as long as you have the dice. Well, in online craps, you sure need to have you own Internet connection to be able to play online craps. Craps is actually a game of chance that was later developed into a very entertaining gambling game. Now that it is available online, many avid fans of this game will definitely love to enjoy their Internet connection with friends while testing their luck and patience in wining at online craps. Most online casinos on the online gambling industry does offer craps as one of their games in the list. Online craps ia very popular dice game that even you would try it.

Where To Play Online Craps?

Since we said “online craps”, it means in the Internet. There are various online gambling sites, as have been stated earlier, that offers their own themed online craps. All you need to be able to play craps is have an Internet connection. Then, all you have to do is to sign-up with trusted casinos that has a huge list of online games, including online craps. Some online casino sites offer both a download version and a no-download version of their games. So whenever you want an Instant play of the online craps and practice on dealing with your luck, it’s a good way to start. And when you think you have the guts to start wagering real money and testing your luck, you can always have the online casino site’s download version of their games.

Basic Rule of Craps

To easily understand online craps and how it is played, here are some simple things to understand before and while playing it.

The Passline Bet. A simple passline bet works when you put your bet on a passline before a new shooter begins his own dice roll. If the come out is 7 or 11, you win. But if its a 2,3 or 12, you have the other way around.

Odd Bets. Odd Bets happen when a point is established by the bettor and then putting an additional bet behind the passline bet. This kind of bet, when in a casino or online casino, doesn’t have any house edge because it is paid off with true odds.

Odd Best is paid by the following. If the point is:

-4 or 10, it pays 2 to 1

-5 or 9, it pays 3 to 2

-6 or 8, it pays 6 to 5

And lastly, the easiest way to learn playing online craps is to take advantage of the free lessons that is offered by most online casino sites. Since most of them also offers their free trial mode, you can try practicing your craps games on it ti further understand how that game runs. Happy Online Craps!

New Online Gambling Law At Sweden

Europe has been one of the largest countries that has a flourishing market industry in gaming and online gambling. Though there have been many country upholding monopoly within their market, most of them are now having a change of heart into disbanding it. An example and in the news country that wishes to leave monopoly and engage in free trade is Sweden.

A ruling political party in the said European region stated that their country would be aiming to legalize online gambling in their territory.

The said region of Sweden aims to bring a large revenue that they will be getting from the market. The revenue that they will be getting will be used for their public programs and improvements. The said revenue would also help Sweden in taxing all operators that offer their services in the country as the European Commission will be assuring them of security and safety in the market and to their consumers.

The European Commission strongly holds their rule to allow free trade within European countries. They feel monopolies violating their aims and visions. Though not all European countries agree to this, the free trade already makes positive feedback from countries imposing it.

As the issue about online poker versus the US government which have been debated on the past few days, online poker in Europe continue to flourish despite of the poker rooms being ban in the American region.

Many have been asking if the US doesn’t have their own online gambling market. But truly speaking, they have their own online gambling market. They do have online betting and many more. Since the uplifting of UIGEA in the US from 2006 up to now, online gambling operators had already have a hard time dealing with American players, and most of the time, doesn’t accept US players at all.

Characteristics of A Trusted Online Casino

As our technology keeps on improving, there are many things that we can access with just one click without even leaving our comfortable home. And that is by the use of Internet! And for those gamblers out there, this is the best thing that happen in the virtual world. Online Casinos are now available to enjoyed by players, gamblers or non-gamblers. But lets face it, virtual world has its own risk. Especially when you are giving out your personal information. And most of all, when you are dealing with money.

For online casino players out there, here are some tips in choosing the best online casino to get your money roll in a safe way.

ABOUT US: You will find lots of interesting stuff about an online casino in their ‘about us‘ page such as the software they are using, where and when it is located and establish, the technology it is using to give players a better gaming experience and the security of each players accounts, the deposits and withdrawal method that they are providing to their players, and many things that will help you in knowing more about an online casino.

HELP PAGE: This page is really helpful for all players. Whether you are just starting to play in an online casino or already a professional gambler, the help page is the one that can help you if you get tangled with any problems that get along with your playing. Problems such as money transactions, or how can you avail your bonuses, cashing out your winnings, and a lot more that you find fuzzing.

Cashing Out and Withdrawal: The best online casinos will provide their players a better way to transact with them. And in terms with cashing out and withdrawal, see to it that they provide you money transfer that is convenient for you and of course the best and secure money transfer there is.

Terms and Condition: Players are so excited about getting into online casino and depositing their money to start rolling their money. But before you do this, be sure that you read and understand all of their terms and condition in transaction and method of money transfer. Also, there are top online casinos that has FAQ page for you questions.

Bonuses of Online Casinos: If you are just a newbie in online gambling, the bonuses and privileges of online casinos are really a attention magnet. There are online casinos that are giving off amazing casino bonuses for their players. Bonuses like First Deposit bonuses, No-Deposit Bonuses, and a lot more for you to enjoy. Choose an online casino that give the best casino bonuses and privileges.

Additional Tips: The best tip I could give is to read blogs and forums about online casinos. There are online casino portals that are available in the web. These portals have casino reviews and online casino games tips and strategies to help you out.

Top online casinos have a lot of variety of casino games. Choose casino that has the best range of casino games that you’ve been looking for.

And lastly, before depositing and making transaction with a certain online casino, try their free casino games. There are top online casinos that give their players the free casino games to enjoy. Enjoy the free stuff and then decide if that casino site can give you the gambling experience that you’ve been looking for.

Decreased Profits in Online Poker: Europe Not Affected

In America, where there is a growing war against the online poker gaming and the US government, the said gaming industry is earning lots of decreasing profit from US players.

Except Europe.

As the poker industry in America struggles, Europe’s online poker is flourishing across its regions. No doubt that it is making a very large profit and revenue from its players as it continue to grow over time. The industry experts predicted that online poker in Europe’s market will continue to increase not only in Europe, but all over the entire world. And even with the bad American news from the three online poker site that was prohibited in the US, the FullTilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker are the ones that most European players play into.

This is because of the three poker rooms opening of their own domains .eu and, allowing non-American players to still continue in accessing and playing in their accounts. Although with an argument that two of the poker rooms will be then left by many poker players, the fact that FullTilt and PokerStars are still the best and leading poker rooms in the online poker industry can’t be erased. They have been continuously providing the most advanced and sophisticated software for their players.

With this, both three of the poker sites still have remained a reasonable profit and increasing revenue from non-US players, and still expects a large positive outcome from players not located in the said American region.

Despite of the bad news and intriguing moves by the US government against online poker, it’s operators and players are still happy that it still thrives at different parts of the online gambling world.

Poker Rooms Reopened

This month has been a harsh start for the famous poker rooms, as they were objected to shut down operation to American players by the American government. It was last Friday when the said provision was stated, when the US government has seized the operations of the 3 poker rooms. Many US players were disappointed at the said provision, as they are unable to access their favorite online poker accounts and their winnings.

But the US Department of Justice had a heart and finally made a change on the said provision, allowing two of the sites to reopen their services to US players. However, DOJ is only allowing this for US players to access their accounts and withdraw their winnings until the given period of time. This will not allow them to participate in any other websites’ poker games at all up until the issue is clear. The two poker rooms were Poker Stars and FullTilt Poker.

According to some supported sources, the two poker rooms which are allowed to reopen only to allow players to withdraw their winnings and accounts, owe US players billions of dollars. That is the main reason why they’ve allowed reopening of the websites. Another reason is that since there are around a million US players who make a living and earn huge dollars on both PokerStars and FullTilt, it was a big question on how to handle these huge number of people playing into it.

After all, the US DOJ has assured players that they wouldn’t encounter any problems at all when withdrawing and logging in to their accounts as it is not affected by the seized that they had uplifted against the said three poker rooms. They have also cleared that such financial processes will be smoothly delivered to all respected players.

What is eCOGRA in Online Casinos?

eCOGRA is the acronym for eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. It is a non-profit organization that is run by various industry leaders and site owners and even players. It is dedicated into establishing a fair gaming public service, assurance and security between online casino sites and players, as well as responsible gaming and operation for both player and casino operator as well.

With eCOGRA, expect consistency to all online gamers and gamblers. They maintain organized and healthy gaming to very player online,and that they provide enough information and fair compliance among it members, helping the online gaming industry to grow and flourish in a very decent an positive manner.

Certification of Sites

As a mediator in all disputes, they work to resolve any issues that is reported to them. Since their goal is to have a fair gaming, they also aim to make possible solutions to these problems. eCOGRA gives a certification to all casino operators and their websites. When approved, an eCOGRA banner shall appear on the site, telling players that the casino site has been approved and mediated by them. A casino site is being mediated under certain standards that they follow in certifying an online casino site.

When a dispute is filed on either the player or the casino site, the eCOGRA assist in doing so without any cost at all.

Why is it needed?

The eCOGRA is critical to the survival of the online gaming and gambling industry. They are tasked to maintain a balance environment in the said industry as well as a prospering community within them. Not to mention many issues that cross and test their credibility, they serve and should serve as a watchdog in whole.

It is a source for genuine desire for legitimate gaming existence even to the US government. With the vast majority, eCOGRA is a must and is a body that maintains the fairness and prosperity in the gambling world.

Famous Poker Rooms Seized by US DOJ

An issue have been greatly arising in the world of online poker. Especially in the U.S. Now, the poker enthusiasts are in a very problematic situation ramming over the US.

Money laundering, bank fraud, and other related illegal online gambling offenses are being allegedly to 3 famous poker rooms – PokerStars, FullTilt Poker, and Absolute Poker. The New York authorities have already charged eleven defendants on the said poker rooms.

The US, banning the poker rooms to US players, have filed civil money laundering, with a complaint against the Poker companies, their assets, as well as their assets of several payment
processors. There have been 75 bank accounts with restraining orders and five Internet domain names used by the 3 poker companies.

The exact report has stated that “the defendants arranged for the money received from U.S. gamblers to be disguised as payments to hundreds of non-existent online merchants purporting to sell merchandise such as jewelry and golf balls. Of the billions of dollars in payment transactions that the Poker Companies tricked U.S. banks into processing, approximately one-third or more of the funds went directly to the Poker Companies as revenue through the “rake” charged to players on almost every poker hand played online”.

There have been several reactions into the gambling industry as this issue has reached the four corners of the online gambling world. As such, it has been a big disappointment by the 3 Poker Companies to what had happened. Being their poker rooms as among the famous poker rooms in the Internet, it is a great lost for them and to all the US players to accept the fact they their favorite poker rooms cannot be available now to them.

As the closing of poker sites to US players, different questions arises. Repercussions have been felt. Up until now, the fight of the poker rooms for their right to offer on US players, and dealing with the issue continues.

888 Casino Deal Cancelled by Ladbrokes


Online Casino: Risk In Gambling

As the technology that’s keep on improving for our necessity, the world wide web has also a lot to offer. And the best entertainment that the web has is gambling. Online casino is indeed a very tempting pleasure. It’s either you gamble for professional reasons or just for fun, the risk is still there. And because its on virtual world that everything can happen because of the technology that we have now, its more risky to deal with specially if your talking about your personal information and accounts.

The risk in online gambling starts when you play and gamble in online casinos without knowing about the casino site. There are many online casinos that is offering and promising different kinds of amazing bonuses to attract players. But don’t be fooled by their attractive promo ads, tempting bonuses, amazing prizes, and a lot more to get you hook by their campaign. You should always consider the basic facts and information about a certain casino site before signing up and dealing with them. Especially if you find a new online casino sites that gives you lots of reasons why you should sign up and play with them. Because some new casino sites are just imitation of top online casinos in the web. People now have a great minds to copy or imitate such business. But as what I have mentioned, before you take some actions in online casinos better search and read about that certain casino.

A better advice is to play with the best and top online casinos. You don’t just enjoy the game but also you can rest your mind in terms of the security of your transaction and personal information. There are many online casinos that are legitimate and legal for you to gamble. There are online casino reviews that you can find here at Online Casino Prime. Giving you the best game reviews in online casinos and everything that you want to about your favorite casino games.

Online Gambling by DC to be the First in US

The US jurisdiction is on the process of allowing Internet gambling inside them, with a proposed money raised of about millions of dollars from the habits of online gamblers especially within New Jersey and Nevada, which is among the regions of US where gambling is present.

With the permission of the online games, it was stated to be part of the 2011 budget and a 30-day period for the Congress to object on the said provision, which has already expired last week. DC Council member Michael A. Brown, who authored the said provision stated also that the online gaming operation would be handled by Intralot – a Greece-based company, and will only be available to gamblers within the borders of the said district whenever it would be up and running.

The officials of the said district was not yet sure on when gaming will start to operate, but cleared that they are in talks already with their vendor and expect to know more about the operation within a few more weeks. Experts have said that the state would be the first to allow in their jurisdiction the online gaming market, especially the online poker, wherein other countries have contemplated it.

It can be remembered that in 2006, an Internet gambling ban was uplifted in the US which basically prohibited banks and credit card companies from processing payments from online casino companies to individual players and gamblers. But experts say that it is time for the law to be out and for the market with billions to bring be open as an industry. And this pushed the urge to move and legalize online gaming and gambling.

DC also hopes to generate the millions of dollars that the industry could bring in helping to provide enough hand to the offset budget cuts and other social service programs (stated by Brown). Conservative estimates made conclude that the industry could actually bring in around $13 million to $14 million through fiscal year of 2014, according to Brown’s officers.

Though the main point of this was to allow online poker in the district, DC was also required to offer other skill games and chance games as well. It will be up to how the DC Lottery officials will come up with what game would they permit and regulate.

There are other provisions passed and under due process in other US regions, aiming to allow the same thing that DC did. And this year was another year to test out which ones will make it to the US permission.