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Online Casino Offered Sign-Up Bonuses

There are many choices when it comes to online casino. Whether you play at land-based or at online casino anywhere, anytime you want. Even if they have the same concept there’s always a competition among them. One of the reason why people engage in gambling is because of sign-up casino bonus offers. This can be used to attract visitors or to catch the attention of the people especially to those people who don’t are not yet familiar with casino games. Since every casino games have sign-up bonuses they have also terms and conditions to protect the casino from bonus hunters.

But sometimes, depositing the bonus needs some few requirements, before a player can cash out his/her bonus. Knowing that there’s always a sign-up bonuses is not enough. There is a difference between every casino site that offers a different sized bonus. Most of them offers 100% on the first deposit, but some casinos offers on your first bonuses as a welcome bonus.

The following are the list of bonuses offered by online casinos:

NO DEPOSIT BONUS – In no deposit bonuses, whether smaller and newer casinos offers a no deposit bonus the reason is they want to attract more players to their casino. This will tend to inform some newbies that they will not need to make a deposit at casinos and they can try out the game for free.

In general, a “no deposit bonus” ranges from $5-$20 which is not much. The advantages of this bonus is you can play some casino games and you can also try out the casinos before cashing your money. So here you are entitled to get a sign-up bonus using a “no deposit bonus”.

CASHBACK BONUSES – Usually this bonus pays only if the player has a net loss during the period of playing. Some cashback offers a refund percentage of money that you loss during the game, depending on how much you have loss will it depend on the cash refund that you will be getting.

MONTHLY CASINO BONUS – You have to get a certain amount of free chips to play with each month as long as you continue to play on their site. This is usually common among online casinos to keep your business with them.

CASINO BONUS CODES – In every casino site, you will find a list of all the casino bonuses at the right hand column of the site. It indicates the casino information about bonuses and how to claim it. They offer exclusive casino coupon codes for them to get a special promotion.

RELOAD BONUS – There’s an advantage if you’re already a player in the casino because reload bonus offered by online casinos are always available random times of the month. This bonuses ranges 20% – 50% and it reaches 100% at the time you play.

MATCHING BONUS / DEPOSIT BONUS – The casino will give you the matching bonus if you will open an account and add some funds to it. You will be surprise that your money can be doubled or tripled in size because of the bonus.

PERCENTAGE BONUS – Percentage bonus is the percentage of your deposit. If the online casino is offering a 50% percent bonus then you would receive an additional $200 for depositing $400.

REFER A FRIEND – This is designed to give a leg up to the casinos building a goodwill and a stronger customer base. A way of inviting people to join and play is a chance to add money to your account.

STICKY BONUS – This can be a good deal to a player as they can use their money in bonus accounts to bet as much as they like. This bonuses cannot be cashed out. This is usually used for aiming jackpots or just get a good amount as wins.

HIGH ROLLER BONUS – This is offered to players who spend large amounts of money at online casino sites, especially when it comes to large matching amounts. If you join this game be sure that you have a minimum amount that high rollers need to deposit in order to benefit from these bonuses.

FREE CASH BONUS – This bonus allows you to place free bets up to the amount of the bonus during sign-up. But the disadvantage of this bonus that is you are not allowed to cash the winning until you have paid the remaining deposit. The good thing is that newbies who are not familiar with the rules and regulations can used them as the stake money. So there’s always a chance that player can win real money using only this stake.

FREE PLAY BONUS – For the casinos that offers free plays, they give you a set of amounts to play with and gives you a chance to play one hour to win as much as you can up to the time limit. Once you’ve finished playing, whatever or how much you win and it is above the free $1000 is all yours. The advantage of the bonus is it can be a way to get on different casino games. You will never get worry of losing.

LOYALTY BONUS – This is a big opportunity for the long time gamblers playing casino and reaches various levels on playing. When you get to the top-level, you’ll be a part of their VIP status. More bonuses and the largest percentage they will receive.

Gambling Habit Against Gambling Addiction

Gambling is playing selected games under the influence of money which is called wagering. The idea is to win something from lending money over things or while playing, either money back or something material. Simple games like playing cards is considered gambling where the players are taking bets.

The title of this article tells about gambling habit and gambling addiction. It is quite hard to recognize the differences between a habit and an addiction. A habit is self routine like drinking coffee every morning for self enlightenment. While it can lead to addiction when you can live a day without drinking coffee.

To understand more the differences of the two, you must know their meaning, alone. Understand first what is habit to understand addiction more deeply.

Habits are routines of behavior that a person unconsciously repeats regularly. The person tend to do things over and over again without him knowing it. It is to be learned that a person has a habit before that person actually notice this automatic acts. Once these habits has been recognized, it may be able to control.

On the other hand, addiction is the result of habitual actions. Addiction is depending on some things or activities. It is developed by exposing a person’s self on something that gives rewards and incentives. Addiction to something that is hard to control. Treatment like counseling is needed to secure one’s life from addiction. Tolerance is the first stage before addiction comes in the scene. And if tolerance is not controlled, then addiction comes along.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has define addiction more deeply so that anybody can understand it. They described it as, “Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in the individual pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. The addiction is characterized by impairment in behavioral control, craving, inability to consistently abstain, and diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can involve cycles of relapse and remission. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death.”. Through their statement, understanding addiction has been solved.

Once gambling became a habit, symptoms can’t be found. Unless it turns to addiction. Gambling addiction is also a mental disorder that is hard to control. The more they feel the call of gambling, the harder it seem to quit. Gamblers who are suffering from this kind of disorder doesn’t care on anything as long as they can gamble.

Everybody can take gambling as a habit but not everybody can be addicted to it. It takes one mind to become an addict. This is one of the reason why gambling society never allowed teenagers to gamble. At their young age, they still don’t know their own capabilities and lending their self to addiction is at high stakes.

On the verdict of this discussion, gambling may not be for everybody specially to those people who cannot have their self controlled. Gambling was discovered for fun and entertainment, not for ruining one’s life and future. It is better to know your own capabilities before exploring yourself in gambling world. As what they said, “prevention is better than cure”.

Five Newest Games on April Produced by Microgaming

One of the most recognized online gaming software provider is Microgaming. Giving over hundreds of casino games is not enough for they are still on their way to contribute and give more of them. For the month of April, Microgaming will introduced five new games for new platforms, Quickfire, Flash and Bingo.

Flash would be at April 7 and Quickfire games was recently launched, while Bingo games will be introduced on the 20th of April. These five games are as follow:

Mayan Bingo. This Bingo will change the face of Bingo game we used to know. The game is styled as Latin-American that challenges the players’ ability and patience to win the game. There are sets of prize patterns to be matched on numbers under your bingo cards. Fortunate player to match numbers within 28 ball will be given the game’s first prize that is equivalent to 50,000 times of the player’s bet. In addition to this game, when the player won on the next ball or also known as one ball away from the winning pattern, the player has the chance to get 10 extra balls to win the pattern.

Electro Bingo. This is said to be the newest Bingo game by Microgaming which is designed after Latin-American. Same goes with the game to match numbers through their bingo cards with different patterns to be followed. Lucky player to match up the winning pattern within 30 balls will get the prize of 20,000 times the player’s bet. Much like to Mayan Bingo, one ball away from the winning pattern will get the chance to earn an extra ball to complete the winning pattern.

Asian Beauty. Asian Beauty is a five-reel video slot developed by Microgaming to be added on the famous 243 Ways-to-Win series with an oriental theme. Pack with beautiful symbols like beautiful Asian ladies, silver and gold porcelains, pink lotuses, cherry blossoms, treasure chests and more. There are also Scatter symbol which is the treasure chest. This scatter symbol will make the player win for as much as the highest jackpot so it is better to earn this symbol than that of the others. Asian Beauty Video Slot will bring you the beauty of Asia with Mirror Bonus that consists of huge rewards.

Multi Player No Worries. Multi Player No Worries is a five-reel video slot with 20 paylines on the foundation of the Downunder video slot. It has themed on Aussie with symbols like Kangaroos, Kookaburras and some other Australian animals. The jackpot of the game is 100,000.00.

300 Shields. One of the newest video slot in online casinos with five reel and 25 payline. 300 Shields is an ancient Greece themed video slot with symbols like Spartan warriors, battle equipments, shields, arrows and more to be said. When the player gets three or more scatter symbols, the Free Spin feature will occur that will take him to win Multiplier worth 300x.

That was the list of the newest games Microgaming software will introduce on April. Wait for them to make you experience the newest entertainment on online casino. While waiting on these games, let us first enjoy the online casino games we can find on the web. And remember, Microgaming is only an example of the best online gaming software provider meaning others are considered best too. Together with them are Playtech, Cryptologic and many more.

Best Things About Casinos Online

You may have been enjoying your stay playing at brick and mortar casinos. But, have you ever tried playing in an online casino? With the advancing gambling industry, many have been preferring to play at casinos online rather than having to commute going to their favorite casino. With the Internet offered widely across the world, the traditional gambling has changed into a modern type of gaming with easier access worldwide.

In traditional casino gaming, you have to dress well, pick up a taxi cab, and get to your favorite casino place. Of course, when you are already at the place, you have to order something for yourself, like food, drinks, or anything. Plus, the tips given to casino staffs. Time consuming, money wasting, and very uncomfortable. Add up the security guards watching every move you make. Very annoying but this is one hell of a “need” at casino establishments. But when internet casino came into the scene, it has been a more convenient and easier to access you favorite casino games without much hassle at all. To give you some of the best things about online casinos, I have made some points in here which newbies, newcomers, and every one out there to know the good side of gambling online.

With the Internet connected to our very own computer or laptop, we can easily access our favorite casino online without the hassle of commuting and going to our casino. All you need is your laptop, or personal computer and Internet connection as well.

Of course, just like the traditional casinos, casinos in the Internet also offers a wide range of casino games, or shall I say, a wider range of casino games. Poker, Black Jack, Slots, and any other casino games that you play can also be seen and offered at online gambling sites. These traditional and popular game are now online poker, online black jack, online slots, online craps and many more. In the Internet, you could also look for game reviews and tips, or strategies to hasten your skills in playing those online casino games.

Bonuses and Promotions – this has been a common part at casino places to attract more players at their place. And of course, with online casinos populating the Internet, they too offers a larger and more attractive promotions and bonuses. This is because most of the players prefer playing online rather than going into their casino places. Though people still go to their respected casinos, most of them do this for socialization. Most bonuses given at online site are during first sign up, or what they call welcome bonuses. Loyalty bonuses and other kinds of bonuses are also given to players as they stay on the casino online.

At online gambling sites, most casino operators and site owners allow free play and practice play on some of their games. This is an advantage for newbies and new players as they are able to comfort themselves and familiarize with the games that they are planning to play into and wage money. At free plays and practice mode, play money is only used. But when the player already decides to play for real money, there is an option already showed in the screen of the player whether he/she is already playing for real money. Unlike at land based casinos, there is no practice play introduced to new players and newcomers.

When at land based casinos, whether you like it or not, each time you want to change the game that you are playing into, example, from poker, you want to try slots. You have to carry the money that you have won or brought whenever you think of going to a place or another. At Internet gaming, no need to carry any money at all because all your money is put in an accounts made when you have signed up under the casino site you have chosen.

No dress codes means you don’t need to wear casual wears or anything that suits the casino your are going to. Since you can play whenever you want, you need not to wear your suit at all and can play even while at your pajamas.

The most annoying, but no choice at all thing at land based casinos, is of course, giving tips to casinos staff for their service. This is money wasting.

The whole essence of casino gambling online  advantage is that, one can play at very comfort of their own home. You can do anything you want, even think of strategies while at home.

Trip To Monaco Grand Prix at

This year is the 69th Monaco Grand Prix and to watch this race is an unforgettable experience. To treat their VIP players, is giving a free trip to this competition by conducting a special promotion. Along with this prize are iPads, iPhones and an idealistic date a couple could ever wish.

The 69th Monaco Grand Pix will be on May 29 this year. To become the lucky winner, the VIP players should deposit at least $1,000 on the said online casino. It will act as their registration for this special promotion that will last on April 3.

Recent interviews from are being heard by the public so the VIP players could participate on the race. Said by the casino was, “Players will view the race from a fully crewed yacht on the Mediterranean, which has an unbeatable view of the Monaco Grand Prix race track”. From this statement, everyone would be eager to join the contest. Imagine a special date with your special someone on a yacht watching the most waiting race in the world. Yelling for the car you bet to win.

Another statement from the casino stated that, “Not only that, but the winner will receive first-class hospitality including gourmet cuisine from locally grown produce and a complimentary open bar.”. Eating specially made gourmet on the yacht? Well, that’s another part of the prize. has giving the online casino industry a one of a kind entertainment to its patrons. They offers almost 100 casino games powered by Playetch software, both downloadable and not. Aside from that, their games can be played for free and practice mode with a huge chance of winning jackpots. is a generous casino site that gives exciting bonuses in every games. They are easy to contact using their 24/7 customer care, the rewards are incomparable to others and VIP services unknown to none.

This special promotion is really made for VIP’s. So if yo, yourself consider yourself as one of their VIP players, join and register now. Who would know? The grand prize could be yours in an instant. Also, some of the best online casino in the business is offering special promotions to look after. With big casino bonuses in every games. Visit them now and get the chance to call your self a winner now.

Gambling Cliques: Circle of Socialization

For newbies and novices in the gambling world, either online or land-based, one of the most exciting place to stay at, is not in front of slot machines neither casino tables. Cliques and clubs are groups where new players could join into and stay at. Gambling is not only about gaming and betting on tables, neither beating the house edge. It could also be a form of socialization. Aside from the fact that joining into a casino club gives you friends, such club could be a player’s starting point as they could extend their assistance to another individual when necessary – provided that they have already met that person through online or live in person. Joining into a club isn’t necessary, but at least it gives you an option to socialize while gambling.

Many of us needed the feel that we are welcome in a group. This gives us confidence and self-esteem at casinos. Club at casinos could also be a helping hand in solving issues against other members that could already be having destructive manners to other members or gamers. As been stated earlier, gambling clubs are present most likely at land-based casinos, but not anymore. Just when the Internet introduce online gambling at our very own eyes, clubs have been establishing their own for them to be able to contact and recruit new members to their club even through the Internet. Forums and chat rooms are also made by some other casino clubs where their members could chat and share their thoughts while at the comfort of their own home.

The respect for gambling online halls and their fellow players on these sites are still indicated as the rules for their casino clubs. These rules should be followed and that anyone who disrespect it or doesn’t follow will be banned by the club administrator and higher-ups. In this cliques, socialization is the primary goal. Since such club sites have their own chat rooms, proper etiquette and decorum is still observed to have a better virtual environment.

Socialization can’t only be done through social networking or through personal interaction nowadays. Through gambling, such socialization could also be done while playing in your favorite online casinos, whereas you can ask for tips from expert players, some of their best moves, gaming strategies, and many more. It could be a very pleasurable and well spent time sharing your thoughts on a certain skill game. Though you can share your thoughts at virtual gambling chat rooms,  players should maintain a proper etiquette when chatting or socializing with other players. This also helps in building up your reputation in the club and gives you a positive feedback from other members as well as respect from them.

The online community has been one of the spreading communities in the Internet. As far as socialization is concerned, the development of other social factors, which includes gambling has really changed over time. Gaming also made the fact that socialization is an important factor in gaining and winning respects, and knowing friends.

Gambling clubs and cliques will always try to have their own counterparts, and make their own features. As casinos online attract many players to their gambling site, these online clubs will continue to exist and will never get out of line.

Cyber Criminals Targeted Online Gamblers

For so long that Internet was introduced to us, many cybercrime has been listed and reported. Cybercrime is an unethical use of computer and Internet. Crimes such as illegal downloading of files and stealing personal information from other person to get money from it.
Most targeted of these cyber criminals are usually online banking and online shoppers, they try to steal the information about its credit card or bank account. But because of online gambling’s popularity, cyber criminals added online gamblers on their list. Due to the million numbers of online gamblers, one should be aware of this illegal act to prevent the harm of being a victim.
These bandits gather every personal data they can use like home addresses, social security numbers, banking and credit cards information. After that, the stolen personal data will be sold to anyone they find interested in it. The patron will now be able to use the stolen data to gamble for their own good on the account of our poor victim. Trying to win  big money without using his own gaming accounts. Thereafter, he will be able to make deposits and withdrawals using the fake account.
Cyber criminals are smart enough to do this crime without hesitation and guilt through the help of technology. They developed many ways to access the personal accounts of many online users specially those online gamers and online shoppers. Example of which is by using fake financial chargebacks. Being a victim takes time to realize not until the gambler open his account on a casino site and be surprised that it was banned by the management for some money issues like abusing the bonuses. Of course, to clear the issues, the gambler will report the crime and it will take a long procedure before he gets the chance to gamble again. Aside from that, his credits cards and banking information must be updated again to prove that the issue has been solved.
Online Casinos are aware of cybercrimes that’s why they increased their site’s security to protect their customers. The gamblers on the other side must be aware of this matter too, they must take care of their personal information on gambling sites. Tracking their own gambling records is a big help to prevent cybercrimes. The gamblers are obliged to pick the right online casinos they could trust, be secretive on their personal information and must often change their password, something that they can always remember.

Another Country to Open Gambling Market

In the European countries, many have been opening their market to online gambling sine the start if the 2011 year.  And Netherlands is nearing for the same too.

In an earlier report, the Netherlands is the latest European country aiming to legalize and regulate online gambling in their market. They expect such market to open fro local operators in 2012, and will be beginning to accept applications from International operators in 2015.

Such plan and legislation was one of the first steps of the new Netherlands government that has been put into place as a change in the country.  The party was previously reported to ban online gambling as a whole. And so, after this change in plan, the regulation of the online gambling market would be a great welcome for online casino players in the said country. But as the plan is under review, the Netherlands government wants to approach the situation with a more liberal mind setting.

If the industry is to be pursued, it will be worth about 10 million Euros per year and it is believed that such market, if allowed and regulated, could generate even more revenue when International gambling companies are allowed to begin their operations in the Netherlands.

When the said profit will be generated, a portion of it is already planned to be allocated at sports and creating a gambling authority and regulator.

In the Netherlands lies monopoly handled by Holland casino, and with the upcoming opening for international gambling operations, the said monopoly will be expected to be disbanded and players inside the country will now be able to choose from a wide range of local gambling operators.

The European Union has been regulating many gambling operations all over Europe, and so, countries under them have to worry nothing at all when they decides to open for online gambling markets in their jurisdictions. And besides, the EU wants every country under them to open their country’s to free trade and stop monopoly.

Zynga Poker Hacker Sentenced Two Years of Imprisonment

Being caught last 2008 for hacking a local government network and being sentenced for 40 week, Ashley Mitchell seems not to learned his lesson. He was a Briton of 29 years of age who was sentenced to prison by Exeter Crown Court due to hacking incident again. Recently this week, Ashley hacked and abducted worth $12 million of virtual chips from Zynga. Known worldwide is Zynga Poker – a Poker gaming community played in networking sites. Due to his previous case, breaching of contract, his imprisonment had an additional of 30 more weeks.

To be more clear, the Zynga chips cannot be converted to money. Though, Mitchell earned $12 million. It happened when he stole 400 billion  virtual poker chips and sell it to Zynga players on the black market. He was selling the chips at some price lower than the face value of it. He was able to get $300,000 if he sold $86,000 worth of stolen chips if he hadn’t got caught. This virtual chips is seems nothing but can be a real lot money.

According to Mitchell’s lawyer, Ben Darby said that his client is suffering from gambling addiction. Mitchell was spending mostly £1,000 on online casinos and poker rooms every time he plays. The prosecutor of the case, Mr. Gareth Evans stated that the Zynga chips turned into some currency is in-game based only. The company’s revenue doesn’t eventually got affected by Mitchell unlike how other thefts affect some company. Because it is online “money” only, they can always recreate some. Nevertheless, the company can still loss customers through hacking. Mitchell was pleaded guilty after the hearing.

Adding to the news, Judge Philip Wassal declared to Mitchell, “You used a considerable amount of expertise, through software you bought, to hack into their computer system. The means by which you gained access through their security showed elaborate research and a lot of persistence. The time you must have spent doing this must have been considerable.”. Through this statement coming from a Judge, Mitchell definitely knows what he was up to. He studied the process, adopted it and accomplished it. Good thing is, he got caught. Aside from this, the Judge also added, “People rely on computer systems. Anyone who has managed to get into these systems for their own ends should expect a stiff sentence.”.

Hacking is an unhealthy way of living. Computer systems are important to everyday living. Online gaming and company like Zynga provides quality gaming experience, like online Poker.

Software Providers at Online Casinos

Ever since the online casino gaming has emerged in the Internet, and before you have started playing and gambling online, softwares are already in the industry of computer and Internet. And because of the vast usage of different softwares and constant innovation in the Internet and Technology, most of these softwares have been used to create a kind of gaming in the Internet that would make gambling evolve in its new form.

Every casino online that you play is powered by their own software that focuses mainly in high quality graphics, sound effects, security, and valuable and friendly user based experience and gambling. With the rapid growth of Internet and Computers, gambling has included itself into this fast paced innovation.

And as have been stated earlier, such online gambling sites uses a software for them to be able to run and offer their service online. By this, I will be sharing to you some of the most widely known software provider in the Internet industry.


Formed in 1995, and is now known as a multi-billion dollar global Internet gaming software provider, they have become an industry leader with their software having licensed by some of the world’s most trusted gambling and entertainment brands and leader all over the gambling industry.

Cryptologic Inc. is based at Dublin-Ireland software application service and was formerly at Toronto, Canada. They have been also one of the five largest in their industry along with others such as Boos media, Microgaming, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming.

With their offer of an extensive and innovative development and services as their Internet gaming solutions, plus 280 casino games available in multiple currencies and languages. Most of their offered games are exclusive and unique which makes them stand out among others. They also provide an e-cash management and customer support and care services 24 hours, 7 days a week.


In the year 1994, Microgaming was then first established and introduced into the Internet and the world of gaming. They developed online gaming systems to the Internet enterprises and other large and major brands. They have also released the first true online casino software over a decade ago. Since then, they have been ahead and took the lead in their own field in developing the newest and smartest gaming management during that time, and up until now.  Their gaming innovation has brought huge impacts and advancements in the industry and continues to do their vision.

Microgaming casinos are known for their huge and awesome , outstanding welcome bonuses that usually gives the player a great jump start at their online casino experience. With hundreds of casinos online that uses Microgaming software, there is no doubt that such casinos will guarantee players their safety and fun experience while gambling.


Odds On Gaming was first founded in 1998, and was fully established and started off as a financial processing company. And from this, the company has led to the development of casino games software to have a better gambling in the Internet. They have always offer a very reasonable developments into the casino market. One of the well known brands that use Odds On is the English Harbour brand. And up to this, they have made giant stride into the market.

They have develop and offered a great solution for casino analysis management for better gaming console. The Odds On staff has no doubt, came from other financial establishments in North America. Their developers has paved way to their casino operators will all that is needed to have a well managed and profitable everyday function rich back office or back end system.

Their own software is well planned and that their efforts are worthy enough for every casino player online, as well as exciting for all gamblers online.


As one of the most famous and known software developers in the industry today, Playtech has given way to newer innovations in the industry. Playtech develops a unified software platforms for both online and land based gambling activities. Playtech primarily targets existing online operators that aims to upgrade their system for better online gambling and gaming applications. They target games and applications like poker, bingo, live gaming, mobile gaming, land based kiosk and networks odds games.

Playetch Ltd. Is a very trusted gaming software developer and provider founded and was established in 1999. Up until now, they continue to provide and find better solutions into gaming and gambling online.


Random Logic, the first company to produce the first ever casino games online. They have been operating since 1996, and the company has already produced 6 video poker games, 15 slots, and 5 progressive jackpots will all the exclusive rights to Cassava Enterprises. Up until, they continue to provide such developments as they discover new ways for better gaming and games.

They also develops and implements online processing systems for transactions and other applications for analyzing and tracking market campaigns online, in and outside the their chosen industry.

Thus, they are one of the most trusted brand in casinos softwares used all over the Internet world.

As these different casinos software providers and developers constantly make innovations and advancements, there is no doubt that they are the main reasons as to why casinos online and gambling in the internet has been very futuristic and unexpected.