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Gambling Winnings Taxed by South African Government

With South Africa struggling over with its online gambling laws under its jurisdiction during the past few weeks, they have been planning to discourage players to take part in such activities which is not supported by the South African government. But because they cannot stop such activity, they are on a mission to impose steep taxes from gambling winnings to help fight excessive gambling among their target payers, as what their politicians have been discussing.

Starting this coming April 2011, anyone who wins over 25, 000 Rands by playing lottery, sportsbetting, or casino games will be taxed of about 15% duty on their winnings. With such imposed law, politicians would expect that it will turn out successfully as it will be in lined with what the US government has done and prevented players from gambling excessively.

This has been the latest report coming from the South African government as they are discussing such regulation of online gambling in their jurisdiction. For the past few years, the said government has been trying to pass laws to regulate such kind of activity. Different fines to players and operators are also being held and introduced, in addition to a ban that prohibits gambling in their commercials from airing on TV’s during the day.

Despite all of the governments’ efforts, such activities in their jurisdiction continues to increase illegally. There have been reports too that this increase is because of players of online gambling have been rapidly increasing everyday without any regards to such law being implemented in their country.

And this has led to a disappointment among the South African government. Hoping to succeed on this coming regulations against the unwanted industry in their country, South African government continues to struggle over the edge of the growing gambling industry in their region by implementing law and prohibitions, penalties, and many more.


Top 5 Online Casino Software Providers

What makes online gambling possible? Its the Online Casino Software Providers. With over 160 companies that provides casino software, we our giving you five of the best casino software providers. Let’s now wander on our Top 5s.

5. Vegas Technology
Listed on fifth, Vegas Technology. It was established on 1997 and owned by English Harbour Gaming Ventures, Inc. of Antigua. Vegas Technology provides over 90 exciting casino games, in both download version and instant play. What makes them to the list? Its because of their up-to-date casino suite. With the new graphics and sound solutions. Vegas Technology is proud to present their own specially designed video slots to every players. Millionaire Casino is an example of Online casino that runs through Vegas Technology.

4. Realtime Gaming
Realtime Gaming software was established since 1998. It supports over 70 casinos and gaming brands. Realtime Gaming is popular for their “Real Series” slot games, aside from this, they are known for running one of the three largest slot networks with their progressive slot. But what makes them to the list and became top 4? It is because Realtime Gaming accepts players from US while others not. Cherry Red Casino runs through Realtime Gaming software.

3. Cryptologic
A trusted, reputable and secure provider introduced on 1995 is on our top 3. This is the Cryptologic software. With online casino like one of the most reputable one, the InterCasino. They provides over 100 fantastic online casino games with their unique Marvel comics slot games.

2. Microgaming
Established in 1994 with a slogan of “we are the game” is the Microgaming software. Considered as one of the highly recognized providers when it comes to online casino software, Microgaming takes pride not only for their best graphics and outstanding sounds but also for their biggest jackpots. They offers over 20 progressive games on their casino sites like Spin Palace Casino.

1. Playtech
And the number 1 on our list is none other than the software that overtook the competition in online casino software provider. What is it? It is the Playtech software. Established on 2000, they easily made it to the top as they support every online gaming-related activity like casinos, poker, bingo, mobile gaming, arcade games, live gaming and more. They excel on developing new and techy casino software. A casino that runs through Playtech is Golden Palace.

Leisure Gambling Online

Attention all gamblers out there, I know that all of you play and gamble at your online casinos during leisure and past time. And because of this mindset of playing solely because it is our leisure and past time, we tend to forget that what is greatly involved in this activity is our money. Most of us, forget to limit ourselves and end up losing much of our money rather than just saving it for a better benefit. I am not saying that gambling during your past time is a bad habit. In fact, I do it too. The point is I don’t end up losing too much money. It could be a great deal when you are winning, but as far as money is concerned, you should not take it for granted.

We all have the right to play and have fun at the table in online casinos, and that we want to protect ourselves too. Therefore, we should protect ourselves from having situations where we end up regretting everything we did.

Here are some of the few guidelines that a person like you could use and take note of so you can have a happy leisure gambling.

First and foremost, “Do not put money on something you aren’t willing to leave” Make a budget. Decide on how much money would you limit yourself. A certain budget will do, as long as you follow your budget. For example, you allot $50 to $60 as your budget for that moment. This will let you control yourself from putting too much money on the tables, and may end up losing. Of course, not all the time will you lose, but there are instances that you may lose. So in order to avoid this, you have to have your budget and help yourself get into it.

Second, if you have no money at your pocket anymore, head home, not to the bank ATM. If you think you are done and used all your budget, don’t be stupid to start over again and waste money. Remember that there are second chances. You could still come back the other day when you think you have enough budget for it again.

Third and last, if you have won, always make a profit from it. Do not bet everything you have won. Not because you have won ,means you have the reason to spend it all in one night. When you win, it is a good start to make a profit from it. Every winnings you have, you could set aside half of it and pretend that it doesn’t exist at all. This will help you save money and head home with something on your pocket. Another advantage of this is that whenever you feel like playing again in you favorite casino, land based or through online casinos, you have something to have to. It could also double your budget and have a really happy gambling experience.

So for all player and gamblers out there, read and take note of this. I assure you that you will not regret anything once you have follow this simple rules.

Happy Gambling!

Top 10 Gambling Gifts

Giving gifts for your special someone needs no particular occasion. If you felt like giving and sharing, do not be afraid to do so. With the rapid growth of casinos and gambling as one of our major past time, why not try giving some gambling related gifts that is suitable for your gambler. Here are our Top 10 list for Gambling Gifts that you can probably give as a gift for your loved ones.

1. Vegas Trip for 2

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” What would be the sweetest gift for your gambler lover but a Vegas trip for two. Just the thought of spending a week at a casino playing with your lover is just a romantic way of giving Vegas a stay. With the lowest rate of Hotels everywhere, your lover will surely get surprised with the plane ticket you’ll give as a gift. So, grab your phone and book a trip to Vegas now.

2. Online Poker Bankroll

A Poker player would certainly know about the main person in World Series of Poker, John Racener. With $50 gift from his mother on an online poker account, he is now a millionaire. The gift is to create an account using your gambler’s lover name in the biggest internet poker room in the web. Give it to him with the amount you can give and let him play. Who knows? Your gift must be the start of his all the way luck.

3. iPhone app for Casino Lovers

And who doesn’t know what an iPhone is? If your lover or a friend owns an iPhone and a gambler, then the card-counting apps are whats best for them. There are plenty of for sale apps that you can buy at many app store. These applications are used for practicing purposes only and not for real casino. However, they will surely love this gift because it is helpful in boosting one’s capabilities in playing casino games.

4. Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners

For video poker players, the best gift to give is Bob Dancer’s Video Poker for Winners. It is tutorial site  with a downloadable computer program that will teach how video poker can be beaten be humans. For only $49.95, your receiver can  learn almost everything about the best strategy for video poker of any kind. There is also a free trial, if you want to test the program before giving it as a gift.

5. PokerTek Heads-Up Challenge Table

The best gift for your lover and a friend that looks for a poker competition is PokerTek Heads-Up Challenge Table. It is a challenge for two poker players to deal with each other without the use of cards or chips. For someone who likes to host a poker tournament and someone who wants to play. The Heads-Up challenge would start the competition in a fair way.

6. Craps Table

Poker is not the only game our gambling friends loves to play. For your special someone whose addicted to Craps, why not surprise him/her with a craps table. If I were the receiver, I would totally get whacked with that gift and might hug my giver to the fullest. For a quality full-sized casino craps table you may look for the world’s famous Frank Scoblete’s Golden Touch Craps Web site. Buy it now and play with your loved-one.

7. Poker Chips

What is Poker without its poker table? How much more without poker chips? Yes, poker chips. Its just amazing to give someone you love that so into poker some nice set of poker chips. He/She will get mesmerized as he/she gets a real set of casino-quality poker chips. You can choose from  ceramic poker chips to clay poker chips or even for customized poker chips at the market. Look for them now and give it to your special someone.

8. Gambling Books

This gift is the easiest to give but really fascinating. Everybody loves reading, everybody loves having the thought of they know something. And when we talk about gambling books, there are wide varieties to choose from. First, you can look from Frank Scoblete’s book with huge collection about gambling, the popular Poker Bible and Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2. Aside from these books, give someone you love the best-selling gambling books you can find at every bookstore. A book as a gift is a total blast.

9. Playing Cards – the Plastic one

No doubt, your partner loves playing card games. Right? Well, who will  not? It is fun and exciting. But to give the best entertainment at card games, first, give your partner  some new plastic playing cards. It is better to play with rather than the paper cards. Grab them now before somebody give it to your love one before you.

10. Poker Tables

Now, with playing cards and poker chips on the list, it just doesn’t feel like areal card game unless you play it with a table. The last on our list is the poker table. We all know that everybody loves Poker, either they know how to play it or not. I promise you, for a poker player, he/she rather receive poker table than a dining table. One thank you will not be enough.

Online Gambling Industry Aims for Casual Playing

As the Online Gambling Industry overflow in popularity in the Internet, and expands rapidly over the globe, many people thought of how this kind of industry makes new innovations and advancement in terms of online gambling as they grow.

Now the question has been answered. Aside from mobile applications applied in online casino gaming, the industry itself is now targeting  a casual gaming for casual players. As a form of gaming, online casino has also brought a news means to socialize and create means to interact with different people around the globe, through the internet gaming. Thus makes it almost like a social networking site.

Gambling Operators now seek for new revenue streams as they have succeeded in doing so to other aspects of the industry. Online Casual Gaming and Gambling have been around for some time but have generally kept a low profile in the internet. This is because it is not much likely to caught attention to many clients and players. As a proof of the industry growing in terms of casual playing, here are some points to show people how such industry have grown from before:

- investments by PartyGaming, 888, Playtech, and other online gambling software providers in the field of online bingo indicate such growing capabilities.

- Like the famous Zynga Poker, which is almost more popular than other poker rooms, are currently conquering parts of the online gambling industry because of their involvement in social networking sites like Facebook.

- we all know that casual playing is the primary revenue generating segment in liberalized markets such as France and Italy.

- those online casino games which like online lotto and umber games have been the untouched sectors as they generate a large gross revenue every year.

As these reports and situations happen, most operators now brought up the idea to focus their operation through social networks as a means for casual gaming.  The online gambling industry strikes back still and continues to launch it own social gambling offers and promotions. Increasing efforts on a more effective and more innovative gambling has far reached it limits, and still
on the go for more and more advancements.

So far as gross revenues are concerned, online gambling has been large part in generating huge revenues. We therefore should wait how this will turn out as th industry itself flourishes in the Internet.  Many of us expects casual gaming to be a new way to play online casino gambling in a much more entertaining and interacting ways.

South Africa Over Illegal Online Gambling

South African government has been into punishing illegal online gambling operators in their jurisdiction as well as payment processors involved. Because if the increasing rate in percentage of illegal operators in the said country, the South African government hopes to discourage such activities in their country so as to citizens who thinks this kind of activities are legal. The government of the said country gives punishment to those payment processors who allow this kind of activities within their place. But the method that they have thought about in fighting against this illegal operators have yet to prove itself.

According to a said report in “The Citizen Newspaper” at South Afirca, the National Gambling Board shows that this online gambling seems to be on the perfect and rapid, unexpected increase
in the whole of South Africa. Tlotliso Polaki of the NGB has showed in a study that these illegal operators are fooling their citizens that what they offer are legal services.

Such operators where encouraged by the South African government to block south african residents into accessing to their web sites, even when ironically seeing that the government has been seeing a profitable market for online casino operators at their place, they are reluctant into cutting out this valuable source of revenue.

The risks for illegal operators in the country that continue their business illegally are great. Since the government of the said country are reviewing and making ways to stop this illegal activities.
They have been in a persistent mood to accomplish this. As the National Gambling Board warns that if someone is caught engaging in this kind of activity, they will definitely be fined a total of 10 million rand, which is equals to $1 million US dollar, plus 10 years service in jail. And this includes payment processors who handle such transactions between online casino sites and players.

Hottest Activity in the UK: Gambling

Throughout the years, gambling has been the favorite past time all over the world. In United Kingdom, gambling is as popular as The Beatles. The popularity grew rapidly. Despite huge unemployment rate and recessions in other countries, study shows that most adults in the UK gambles.

The government instead of reducing the gambling growth, had to increased the gambling community as one of their revenue’s sources. This is because of their belief that online gambling helps to boost their economy and distance themselves from other economic factors that hit other countries ans states.

A recent report by the Gambling Commission states that 73% of adults in the UK gambled last year. That is an increase from 68% in 2007, the last time the commission released a report on the subject. Most of that gambling activity, according to the study, is buying lottery tickets. Many breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that at least most of the gambling isn’t real gambling – it’s just buying lottery tickets. But the truth is, lottery itself is also a form of gambling just like playing slots, blackjack or roulette, except with significantly worse odds. Some respondents reason out why they gamble is to experience the fun in the activity and that they were drawn to the possibility of winning cash prizes. Even the way of socialization is another reason for them as they met new people.

There was also an increased on non-lottery games in gambling. The GC reported that gambling on games other than the lottery increased to 56% of adults in the U.K. That is an increase from 48% in 2007. The survey also shows that UK players are more dominant in playing in brick and mortar casinos resulting to the small percentage of online casino UK players.

With an increasing revenue feedback from online gambling operators and the industry to the UK government, it has brought them into a much more innovations in terms of developing app for better game play through mobile communication devices, and many more. The revenues going to the government coming from this operators tax helps them stabilize their economy and recover from the global recession that hit many countries worldwide.

Gambling is no doubt an activity that causes so much fun and entertainment. It is to boost and to test you capabilities on playing. And beside from being a leisure, gambling has been also a form of economical medium.

Top 10 Online Casino To Choose From

Here we are, another round for our Top list! And now, we present to you the TOP 10 ONLINE CASINOS THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM. This sites are for sure, and you can trust them all. At the list, they are ranked randomly. Keep it up as we give you these ten most valuable site that will give you assurance and entertainment like no other casino could give.

- No doubt Cherry Red belongs here. With its a outstanding features and offers that makes it unique. Enjoy a more  pleasant gambling here and become a Cherry Red VIP! More about Cherry Red Casino >>

- Go casino deserves to be in the list as they are one of the most and well respected online casino sites in the Internet.  No doubt that this casino has paved way to a more comfortable and convenient gambling ambiance in the Internet for their clients and players. More about Go Casino >>

- This casino will definitely be the one you won’t ignore at all. The name itself describes how much you can win at their lounge.  Millionaire Casino has also lots of offers and bonus programs that makes them one of the best among the rest of online casinos out there in the Internet.More about Millionaire Casino >>

- The former presidents of the US will definitely like this. The famous Mount Rushmore now an online casino. Although the casino site does not depict the image of the famous mountain, its name carries it as it gives you a mountain of promotions and bonus programs that will be right within your reach as you join their place. More about Rushmore Casino >>

- Well, everybody love slots. And I know slots is fun. While other casino focus on table and card games, this casino focuses more on slot machines, video slots, and all kinds of slots stuffs! Happy reeling! Enjoy your stay here as you play different game variations of slot gaming. More about Super Slot Casino >>

- This online casino site has everything that you look for. As one of the longest running casino site, it has earned enough respect as to many players enjoy and seek their services. More about English Harbour Casino >>

- From the famous,, Golden Casino has brought their supporters a much innovative casino site that every casino enthusiasts will enjoy and love to play into. More about Golden Casino >>

- From Vegas Technology comes a remarkable online casino that brings you the Las Vegas casino ambiance. This casino offers many bonus programs and promotions that makes it to be in the list. More about Online Vegas Casino >>

- Powered by Real Time Gaming Software Company, this casino site offers an amazing gambling experience with a whole lot of fun. As their motto says “No matter you bet, know your limits.” With a satisfying casino feature and game variations that are available every time. More about Silver Oak Casino >>

- This is the casino for VIPs just like you. And a place for slot lovers to play into. Supported by the English Harbour Group, this is a sure first class casino site that makes your slot gaming fun and entertaining. More about VIP Slots Casino >>

So, what are you waiting for? Choose now and be a part of these famous online casinos! Until the next Top Lists!

Online Poker’s Fame : A Simpler Look

We all know that poker is a very popular casino game that many casino enthusiasts play in different online casino site. As such, large tournaments and even World tournaments are held to determine the skill that poker players have.  One of the outstanding world tournaments held every year for Poker is the WSOP or the World Series Of Poker Europe.

Poker itself, has been a game since its inception to the minds of the people during the early times. As a family of card games that share betting rules and  hand rankings, Poker has been passed down from generation to generation, up until now. Being one of the oldest games, poker has dealt itself into a fame that it conquered every casinos’ tables. Day by day, poker gains enormous popularity, especially when it emerged into a new higher and easier way of gaming – in the Internet.

Online Poker – the new breed of poker game that has emerged in the Internet and brought many traditional poker players to try out this one. And no doubt, it still got the same fame it has like the usual one. A report came up saying online poker revenue has been increasing up to $8.7 million to $2.4 billion last 2004. And to increase more, attracting more visitors, the features of the casino game changes and develop over time. This is where the actual question arises : Why is online poker so popular?

First and foremost, poker has a huge variation of game that you can choose from. People like you could choose easily and learn easily on these game variations. The three most popular poker variants is the Draw Poker (Five Card Draw) , Stud Poker (Seven-card stud & Five Card Stud), and Community Card Poker (Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha)

Second, Online Poker is famous because it can be played at any point of time. As long as you have the Internet. You don’t need to travel at all. Plus its multi-tabling feature, unlike the traditional gaming where in you can only play on one hand. Online Poker allows you to play on up to ten hands. It also let newbies to practice play and learn online in playing the game. Easier tips on how to build your strategy, make your game play , and think well. It saves more time, and while playing, you can sit back and relax, sitting on your couch in front of the computer.

Online Poker is no doubt, very famous, since it spread fast in the Internet. An addition to its fame is the upcoming appearance on mobile communications apps. Online Poker rooms are also offered in different online casinos for casino and poker enthusiasts to have a place for their pleasant gaming. Video Pokers has also became a famous attraction in online casino sites. In the upcoming years, expect more on poker as it develop and continue to be a legend in the world of casino gaming. Poker will still dominate it.

Myths and Facts of Online Gambling

Are you aware of the different myths and facts about online gambling? Well, you may be familiar with some, but not all actually. Since not all of us are aware of this, we will give you a concise information regarding the different myths and facts about online gambling. By this,people like you will be able to know what really lies behind the truth of the Online Gambling Industry.


MYTH: Online Gambling is more prone to money laundering than land based casinos
FACT: This is a myth and not true. Why? Observe well, in such cases of land based gambling,  money transactions is in a direct form.
It means a person bet his own money directly to anonymous cash transactions. While in online gambling, you are more safer because every transaction made is through online payments, and credit cards. And these transactions are recorded electronically. The fact that there are more reports of money laundering in land based gambling places than online gambling.

Even when the US political officials have said that these online gambling is more prone and susceptible to money laundering, they have never cited any example yet. Not like land based casino where different reports have been made.


MYTH:  Online Gambling presents higher risk for players to experience gambling addiction and abuse.
FACT:     Scientific evidences does not support this claim.
Online Gambling can be better monitored to avoid such issues than the traditional forms of gambling, which is the land based casinos. Real slots, lotteries and race tracks are said to be more addicting than the gambling form in the Internet. Only a small percentage (about 1%) of reported online gambling addiction has been recorded, and this are those problem gamblers who cannot control their activity. Although both have their own issues on problem gambler, the traditional form of gambling has more adverse effect and has higher percentage on such issue than online gambling.

MYTH:    Online Gaming operators are more likely to be criminal off shore companies.
FACT: Definitely untrue. We all know that these companies are licensed and perfectly legal companies.
If you are not sure about online gambling operators’ legality, you can check out the Internet and find eligible information about their legality. And of course, these gambling operators will not be licensed if they are criminal off shores. Even the Online Gambling industry protects its own respect and dignity in their chosen field and to all their supporters.

MYTH: Online Gambling is more likely to attract young gambling players than the traditional form of gambling.
FACT: Wrong. Why? Simple. Young ones cannot make any banking transactions if they are not on the legal age.
While in the traditional form, it is more prone since different transactions are anonymous and not all are recorded. Online Gambling operators require the age of their clients for them to regulate and control such young age people in making any transaction to their online casino. The US government concluded that online transactions are made safe for children since it requires proof of identity and age. There have been a bill passed in the US government for age verification tool. This will help in determining if a person is already at legal age to make any proceedings in an online casino.

MYTH: Online Gambling does not exist in US
FACT: Actually, Americans are allowed to bet via their computers, televisions, or telephones on different horse races and other same services.
The United States does not totally prohibit online gambling. The truth is that US regulates its own domestic online gambling. Several states sanction forms of online gambling as well. As we all know, some several states in the US flourishes because of online gambling enterprises. Some other companies that accepts bets for horse races is operated by such states under US, where in the profits of this flow into their government.  Another proof is that the state of Nevada has the largest betting region in the US. Nevada residents are allowed to bet and wager their money in sports events via telephone, internet, or any means valid. They even have lottery outlets in different parts of their state.