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Calida Gaming Launches Miss Online Casino 2011

Calida Gaming is proud to present the selection of best online casinos that will make their players experience enchanting Las Vegas on their own homes. Also, it provides fresh information about Online Casino Bonus recently offered by different online casinos to make sure of the players safety.

This year, Calida Gaming has started Miss Online Casino 2011 to search for the world’s most charming, attractive and beautiful women that comes at online casinos. The goal of this competition is to bring virtual casino and real casino one step closer to one another. Calida Gaming is pleased to introduce their first ever Calida Girl with their stunning host, Hollywood’s Actress and Model Lindsay Robba, Miss Online Casino 2011 January, Tiffany Craddock.

Tiffany Craddock is a 23 year old woman from Nevada which is not only beautiful but a brainy one too. Something that a true Calida girl must have. She is a degree holder of Marketing, made a face on Las Vegas trade shows and a top notch model. As she said to one of her interviews, “It’s an absolute privilege and honor to be named Calida Gaming’s Miss Online Casino for January. I am overly excited and appreciative to have the chance of winning the overall title of Miss Online Casino 2011.”. Being the first to be awarded, Tiffany really was overwhelmed to be crowned as Miss Online Casino 2011 for January.

Tifanny has modeled for Lady Gaga Glam Live and seen much on Las Vegas trade shows like CES Show January 2011. Being the title holder will help her to boost her popularity in her new career. She was appointed as the new ambassador for the new revolution of Online Casinos.

Miss Online Casino has set the role of being the newest casino superstar to have an appearance at Calida Gaming’s webisodes. Through this, the members of Calida Gaming will be more excited to visit and play on their favorite online casinos.

There are still 11 participants to look after in this quest to be called as the Calida’s Bonus Girl. Stay updated and see who will follow on Tiffany’s foot step.

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South Carolina Senate OKs Gambling in Homes

We become more peculiar about what is the latest status of casino games today. A gambler or a typical person are all aware of the updated news about gambling, this includes the government which to eliminate online gambling at homes. This can affect the gamblers life especially those who plays online. Because of some reported cases that gambling spreading in every place in the world and operates illegally, government are sensitive of what will happen if, it will continuously operating without the consent or legal document from them.

There are places that until now, people are still operating even if it’s illegal in there place. But there are also some part of the country, gambling is considered as legal. Particularly, citizen’s in South Carolina with the online casino fanatics need not to worry that they can’t play their favorite casino games online and no more worries from not following laws. McConnell said, “The law is antiquated, outdated, outmoded, and it needs an overhaul.

The Senate committee of South Carolina’s have voted 15-6 in favor of changing the gambling laws. The law that they are trying to prosecute is all about the illegality of all cards and dice games in the said state. This particular law is pointing out the illegal case of all card game and dice games inside the state’s boundaries. But before it will become a law it should pass the official or legal document to the whole senate.

The bill S.254 proposed “to allow gambling games to be played in private homes. It sets no limit on how much could be gambled, though the homeowner is forbidden from taking a share of the winnings, and the use of electronic machines is banned.” There are also some cases that the law based from a police raid in Mount Pleasant Home in having a poker party.

Quoted from the website

Nothing… may be construed to allow electronic gambling machines or devices, slot machines, or video poker play or to change or alter in any manner the prohibitions regarding video poker,” the bill reads.

There’s no way to construe that video poker is part of this,” said state Sen. Robert Ford, D-Charleston. The bill is the second gambling-related proposal this year to reach the Senate floor, joining a bill to allow churches and other nonprofit groups to raise money with raffles. Oran Smith with the anti-gambling Palmetto Family Council said lawmakers should have spent more time with the bill in committee to ensure it was drafted carefully. “Everything has to be considered very carefully.

Now, through laws players can have a safest and trusted casino games to play. All you have to do is to choose the right casino games the suites to you and playing in the right place that is legal can be a comfort for all casino players.

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