Let Them Ride Poker

Let Them Ride or Let It Ride Poker is a card game based on the Five Card Stud which is also another poker variant. The player is not playing against the dealer, in this game he is playing for the most favorable outcome with all three bets. The game's pace which is relatively slow and the chance to pull back two of the three bets dealt made this game popular with players. Casino Dealers nicknamed this game as 'Let It Die' because of it's slow pace. Shuffle Master, who owns the trademark, logo and name, invented Let It Ride.


The game's main objective is to get a pair of 10's or better using the three cards dealt to the player and with two community cards that are faced down. It starts with each player making three (3) equal bets. After the player sees the three cards dealt to them by the dealer, each player has a choice of taking their three (3) bets back or to let it ride. The dealer will then place two cards down on the table. Each player should look into at the cards in his hand, and decides whether to to place another additional bet or to continue without adding another bet.

The dealer will then reveal one of the two face down cards. The player will again check on his card at hand, and decides whether to put another bet or not. After the player has decided, the dealer will reveal the last face down card. Now here's the winning moment. Players will be then left with three cards in front of them plus with two community cards in the middle table. Players who have a pair of 10s or better will receive their pay outs. While those having pair of 9s or lower will lose the game and their bet.

The Payout is determined by the ranking of the players hand and the payout schedule like in the game of Video Poker. Since the game also has progressive jackpots, players have an option of placing a $1.00 side bet for the progressive jackpot. The extra bet gives the players an additional large payouts for extra hands. And since it's a progressive jackpot of the game, a common six figure prize will the jackpot be.

Payouts for progressive jackpots with a final hand pay out is as follows:

  • When a player makes a royal flush, 100% of the progressive jackpot will be given.
  • Players with straight flush will be given 10% of the progressive jackpot.
  • If a player makes a four of a kind, the player will be given $500
  • Players with a full house will get $100
  • And those with flush will get $75

Although Let Them Ride is a lesser known variant of online poker, this games definitely gives you the different features that no other poker variant has. With Let Them Ride, you will definitely enjoy the whole game as you win better pay outs.

So if you are looking for a poker variant that will suit the likes of you, try this game now and Let Them Ride!