Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker is said to be the oldest and most famous video poker ever released. Made by Microgaming, this game is also played by 52 deck cards. It is a regular five card draw poker where you can keep or discard any cards on your hand. Your main objective on the game is to get a pair of jacks and to get the best possible hand for the best payout.

Jacks or Better Payouts and Betting System

A player can wager from one coin to five coins. The variation of coins are from $0.05 to $5. The payouts increase as you make a good card combination. The highest possible payout is 4000 coins that comes from a Royal Flush. Royal Flush includes 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace coming from the same suit. The next highest payout is the Straight Flush which is 250 coins. It must be needed five consecutive cards coming from the same suit. Followed by four of a kind, that consists cards of the same rank. Next, is the Full House that consists of three cards on the same rank and two cards on the same rank also. Then, a Flush where all your cards are on the same suit. Straights with five consecutive cards or those in their order of ranking that can come from the different suits. And the last three lowest combinations are the Three of a Kind, Two of a Kind and the Jacks or Better itself.

Jacks or Better Feature

A fascinating feature that this video poker game can be proud of is its double your winnings feature. This feature can be activated once you make a hand of Jacks and Better. For example, you win 10 dollars, a double button will then flash on your screen. You can decide whether to try it , face your luck and double your winnings or just quit and collect your winnings. Because if you lose, the money that you had win will be gone. This feature can double your winnings two to three times depending on the luck you have.