Deuces Wild Video Poker

Ever played poker before on online casinos? Well, if you have, then maybe you are already familiar with 'Deuces Wild Video Poker'. The best known video poker variation in the world. We know that on other typical games of poker like Jacks, which has no wild cards, Deuces Wild Video Poker has actually 4 in the deck. All 2's in the deck are considered wild, obtaining bigger hands easier, adding fun and more excitement to the game. Being able to make royal flush has added up the excitement even if it only pays up to 25:1 if you are going to use wild cards. Other version of Deuces Wild Video Poker is the 100 hands version. If you are dealt a deuce, it carries 100 hands to generate after you decide which cards to discard.

Deuces Wild Video Poker has different strategies which you can try during game plays. Each and every strategies you choose to use will depend on how effective will you play the game by yourself. Playing optimal strategy at a full pay video poker machine will actually be an advantage to a player. You should win money once all the highs and lows of the game are averaged totally. As one of the easiest strategy of the game, playing optimally is very hard that it's almost like an overview of the game. You have to memorize and generalize good enough for you to make it, considering the limited number of hands we are playing. If you are lucky, then it will have a big influence during draw plays. The what we call Law of Averages applies when a player is playing thousands of hands.

Deuces You Hold and those You Don't

If you are holding a dealt of deuces, your off to a positive start. And if you already have 4 deuces at hand, nice luck. You should held it. Three deuces would only pat a royal flush changing the strategy. If this happens, hold on to your deuces, then --- draw! If you have two deuces, it also warns you of a great jump start of the game. But if you have that two, hold on still until you got a four of a kind to straight flush. Every single deuce changes and excites the game as it goes. Take note that if you already have 3 or four of a kind, you should already go for the straight flush. But if you don't have, hold on to your single deuce and draw your 4 new cards.

In a situation wherein you have no deuces, you head into the draw well behind. And you are playing actually for a survival of your cards to your hand. If you are lucky enough, then probably you'll be able to get a dealt cards which could generate more of your winning and chance of surviving. Evaluate for hands one way. If you can't make for a straight flush or royal flush, play a pair if you have.

If you plan on playing Deuce Wild Video Poker seriously, I'm telling you, know what is a real optimal strategy. There are other out there who are just a hoax. But if you are a casual video poker player, then you can have fun as much as you want. Think of your best strategies. Don't rely too much on your intuition -- though it can also add up excitement. Just don't forget to bet according only on your budget. Enjoy Deuce Wild Video Poker!