Deal or No Deal 20P Video Slots

Can't get enough for just watching Deal or No Deal at your television screen? Tired of being the watcher and to eager to answer and meet the banker? Gamesys software has something for you, the Deal or No Deal Progressive Video Slots.

Deal or No Deal 20p is a five-reel, 20-payline Progressive Video Slots adapted from the all-time favorite game show in the world hosted by Noel Edmonds, The Deal or No Deal. There are three different Deal or No Deal and 20p is the largest among them.

This fruit machine is can be played either for free or with real money using coins ranging from $0.01 to $5.00 per line bet. Huge jackpots can be expected. With a progressive jackpot that starts from $10,000 and exceeds for up to $900,000 or so that brings up so much drama and excitement throughout the game.

You can never get away from playing Deal or No Deal Video Slots without hitting yourself with its fruity magic. Reels with magnificent symbols that reveals the banker's decision making question. You will see symbols like DOND symbol, the Banker Phone, an Ace, King, Jack and Queen symbol together with symbols like 3-bar, 2-bar, 1-bar and red, blue and green sevens. Aside from these symbols, it cannot be completed without our tutty frutti symbols like melon, Cherry and Lemon. You can have 52 winning combinations using these different symbols.

Deal or No Deal 20P - Bonus Features

High paying video slot like Deal or No Deal is definitely your game of choice if winning is your name. This is a video slot with 20 lines that offers a a minimum spin of 1p per line or 20p every spin. There are three bonus features that will totally drive you insanely inlove with the game as they give you more chances to win cash prizes.

The three bonus features can be activated by getting three or more designated symbols in each bonuses. First is to hit three bonus symbols to activate a bonus game where the banker offers you 15 sealed boxes to choose from. 11 of these boxes contains cash prizes and four empty boxes. One of the eleven boxes has a 'Win All' prize and you can keep on trying getting this mystery box not until you hit one of the 'No Win' boxes.

Another feature is getting a call from the banker. Anytime, the phone will ring and the banker will offer you a deal on the next spin's outcome. The banker's deal could be higher or lower than your next winning spin. You can either accept (Deal) or decline (No Deal) the banker's offer. If you feel like accepting his offer you will be shown the winning spin and the amount you could have won. And by declining his offer your game will just continue.

And the most wanted feature on this slot is by hitting three jackpot symbols. Through this, you will enable a bonus feature that lets you play like you're in a live telecast of Deal or No Deal with a real banker. But to be able to play and win the Progressive Jackpot, you must bet the maximum coin size by selecting 'Bet Max'.

Deal or No Deal 20P - Payouts

Every symbols can win you cash prizes, though not that huge amount but still a big help for your next spins. Next to our progressive jackpot, is the second highest prize which is 10,000 y getting five Aces. Followed by 5,000 for five Kings, 2,500 for five Queens and 1,000 for five Jacks. Next are 500, 400, 300, 250, 150, 120, 100, 80 and 60 for every five combinations of 3-bar, 2-bar, 1-bar, Red Seven, Blue Seven, Green Seven, Melon, Cherry and Lemon. The winning coins depends on how much you've bet.

Ever since the game was introduced, it was noted that the highest prize money ever given away was about $122,000,000.