Deal or No Deal 10p Video Slots

If you're madly addicted on the famous television game show in the world which is The Deal or No Deal, and watching those players dealing with the banker's offer is pissing you off, then playing it by yourself can be a good deal.

Gamesys software created a Deal or No Deal Video Slots for the huge fans of DOND and Slots. Combining these two in a game is a great idea for everybody who loved this two game. It is a five-reel 20-paylines progressive video slots. Deal or No Deal Video Slots is divided into three kinds. Deal or No Deal 5p, Deal or No Deal 10p and Deal or No Deal 20p.

Deal or No Deal 10p is in the middle and the jackpot prize is lower than that on the 20p game but higher than 5p game. To clear one thing, this is a video slot with different symbols on the reel like a Bonus symbol, Banker's Phone symbol, fruits, highest card denominations, colored sevens and bars symbol. You can feel the game show experience as you reach the bonus round.

Game start as you click the button for spin and declare the amount of coins you've wager. The coin denomination is from $0.01 to $5.00. It has a minimum spin of 1p every line or 10p for a spin. The progressive jackpot starts from $4,000 and keep on increasing until one lucky player hits the jackpot.

Deal or No Deal 10p Bonus Features

There are two bonus features in Deal or No Deal 10p. This bonus features gives you the experience as if you're at the studio dealing with a real banker.

The first bonus feature is getting a call from the banker. The call will come every time and the banker will offer you a deal about the outcome of your next winning spin. The deal can either be higher or lower than your next winning spin. Declining his offer (No Deal) will let you continue you game and accepting his offer (Deal) will show you the outcome of the amount of prize you could have won.

The next bonus feature is about boxes. There are fifteen boxes to choose from, eleven with cash prizes or maybe a 'win all' prize and four empty boxes to end up the game. This bonus game is enabled when you get three mystery boxes on your payline.

Since Deal or No Deal is a progressive video slots, you have every vhance in winning huge prizes. Don't let the banker let you down. The next highest winner could be if you decide to play now. Over the years, the highest payout on Deal or No Deal 10p is $309,755. The average winning you can get is $113,416. today, the progressive jackpot is as high as $483,235.

Play it now and feel all the drama, excitement and fun. Its just a coin away or even play it for free for a tryout.