Deal or No Deal 5p

Deal? Or No Deal? The question that everybody knows about. Now also available online slot in the gaming industry! A progressive jackpot, and the smallest of the three jackpots that is also offered in the game. The game has other two types, including the Deal or No Deal 10p and the Deal or No Deal 20p.

But right now, we'll be whining into the Deal or No Deal 5p's game! As a licensed version of the well known Dutch-created television game show, the game has brought its name into online casino sites and been part of the growing industry.

The mechanics of the game is very simple. A player must eliminate all the boxes except one, which contains the highest jackpot offered in the game. The player must first spin three bonus game symbols which in return, could gain the player an entry to the bonus round. Other game features include a second bonus game which involves picking cash prizes from 15 different briefcases, with four of it having bonus-round-ending boxes.

The bonus round is accessed after the player has spin three boxes with question mark symbols on it. And another game feature is what everybody else is waiting for none other than, the Banker. The Banker will make different offers which may be higher or lower on the players next spin round. The player himself could either accept the offer and answer Deal , or the player could also reject the offer and say No Deal and wait for what the spinning prize is.

And as been said before, this jackpot is only a part of two more bigger jackpots with the same game name. The average pay out of the Deal or No Deal 5p since February 2010 is over 91,264 per win, and is won almost every week. The game has recorded 36 wins in the game, with its biggest win of over 543,606.

You can try out its other game sisters to for more and larger jackpot prizes. With a game like this, one thing if for sure you will definitely Deal on it! So start playing now and have an online casino fun!