Bingo Bucks

Bingo Bucks is one of the specially games offered by online casinos. Aligned with the English Harbour Casino online games, it claims the quality software and level of standards that gives an alternative way to win big money and have fun. With the help of your luck, you will hit the jackpot. Its like you are playing slot machine with a twist of bingo game. Instead of spinning reels with symbols, it has bingo balls spinning in the table.

Bingo Bucks is a five-row, five-column game that has 12 pay-lines. Its payout is like a slot machine but this game is based on spinning balls. The goal here is to collect the balls that contains symbols (each balls have symbols and letters B, I, N, G, O) in a pay line. As you seen it, Bingo Bucks resembles slot machines since its a combination of bingo and slots that is easy to learn and play. Players just need to wager one or more coins and spin the balls. Following are bingo bucks playing guides and mechanics.

How to Play Bingo Bucks

In order to play Bingo Bucks, players must learn first the game mechanics. Here are the basics steps to follow: Decide on the coin size for your play. This is done by clicking on the plus [+] or minus [-] buttons. Decide on how many coins to bet. Choices are between BET ONE button (adds a coin one by one, then reset counter back to 1 after reaching the maximum) or the BET MAX button (maximum number of coins is automatically wager and starts spinning the balls). To start spinning the ball, click on the ROLL button.

Payouts and Limit of Bingo Bucks

You can start betting with $0.25 coin and if you want to wager more money Bingo Bucks maximum betting is twelve $5.00 coins. Check out for the ball symbols combination along each enabled pay-line after it finish spinning. This decide your payout. If the winning combination fall on an enabled pay-line you win; but if it appears on the pay-line that are not enabled you'll not receive a payout for the combination.

Where to Play Bingo Bucks

If you find Bingo Bucks is exciting to play, you can enjoy the twist of slots in top online casinos like Silver Dollar, Caribbean Gold, English Harbour, Super Slots, Slots Galore and VIP Slots. These are top and authorized online casinos that can give you the safety and security of online gambling specially when we talk about money transaction.

Bingo Bucks is indeed a fun and exciting casino game that you can find in the web, but it will be much better if you know your limit to the game, when to stop and how much money you gonna spend in wagering. Just like any casino game, it is very tempting to wager more and spend longer in front of your computer and keep on spinning the balls specially if you are keep on hitting the pot. Responsible gambling and good luck in bagging the pot money.